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Service Agreement

Our service level agreement (SLA) sets out what levels of availability and support the client is guaranteed to receive for Managed IT Support, Mobile Apps, Website and Emails Hosting on GND virtual servers.

GND Standard SLA drafts can be downloaded here;

ICT Hardware SLA Apps Devt. SLA Internet SLA

Our SLA Includes:

1. 100% Network uptime availability

2. Response time from 1 hour

3. 8/5 or 24/7 Network monitoring

4. Replacement of broken hardware

Availability and Uptime

Our services are flexible from 8x5 x 5 days a week or 24/7 x 7 days a week depending on the agreed project scope. During the duration of this agreement we will ensure that the availability of our network and power facilities in our server rooms will be 100%. The time of the failure and the time to solve the failure determine the eventual uptime guarantee of the availability. The availability will be measured monthly.

Scheduled Maintenance

Non-urgent maintenances and updates (patches) will be scheduled weekly over the weekend between 23:00 hour till 06:00 hour [CAT]. When there are any urgent activities that cannot be executed within the weekly maintenance it will be communicated in advance by our team. Maintenance of suppliers where we have no control over are not included.

However, we do have very strict agreements regarding the notification of the activities. Once the maintenance activities are known we will communicate this ASAP.

Response time

We guarantee a response time from 1 hour on Managed Servers and 8 hours for Unmanaged (Self-Managed) Servers.


All our Managed Servers will be monitored 24×7 hours a day with automated check tools. When a change occurs these tools will send automated emails to the customer and this enables the customer to pick up or solve the problem.


All our Managed Servers plans come with 50GB by default. Your backup settings will be configured as a standard service. Clients without SLA are not covered in our backups.


Our helpdesk team is at your service by email, chat, and phone.

ICT Support Desk:

Project Manager:


Hotline No.: +254 (798) 010 101

WhatsApp: +254 (743) 900 479